Automotive Interior Market to Expand in Next Five Years owing to Automakers’ Focus on New Interiors

Published Date : Jan 18, 2016

As auto buyers look for more space inside a car for better comfort, the automakers are willingly focusing on manufacturing new spacious cars featured with better interiors. According to the report from experts from a renewed auto manufacturer, the most common complaint from women auto buyers is the lack of space to keep the handbags. This has been one of the focus points for the auto interior designers, over the past few years. Considering the demand, most of the automakers are focusing on introducing new cars with plenty of leg space and extra space to keep the handbags. 

Apart from comfortable space, car buyers also look for car interiors that match their trends and budget. Steering wheel covers, flooring, seat covers, and dashboard pads are some of the areas in the car, which buyers focus. Automotive interiors include various materials such as thermoplastic polymers, leather, vinyl, wood, and fabric. Manufacturers in the global automotive interior materials market are taking efforts to introduce light-weight auto interiors that last long and look good as well. With lightweight auto interiors, the auto manufacturers assure to reduce the weight of the vehicles. Thin materials are used inside the car so as to increase the inner space, which is one of the important requirements of the buyers. 

The global automotive interior materials market is predicted to expand at a rapid pace in the years to come due to factors such as increasing variety of attractive interior materials and rise in the production and sales of the vehicles. The high price of new interiors is expected to hamper the growth of the global automotive interior materials market in the years to come. However, untapped market and a better standard of living of the customers are expected to propel the global market for automotive interior materials in the next few years. 

Lots of interior materials that need less space are being manufactured by the auto interior material manufacturers. Climate controlled auto seats that are based on thermoelectric technology and converts electricity into cooling or heating is the new application, expected to propel the automotive interior materials market in the years to come.