Plague Death Causes A Chinese City To Be In Quarantine

Published Date : Jul 23, 2014

Due to the death of a Chinese resident in Yumen due to bubonic plague, several parts in some cities of China have been sealed off.

Recently, a 38 year old person died after getting infected by a wild rodent called marmot. 

Several districts in the Gansu province consisting of about 100,000 people were declared to be special zones that were quarantined. The people who came into contact with 38 year old victim were also quarantined. However, none of those 151 people showed symptoms of the deadly infection. 

A local newspaper, Jiuquan, had stated on Tuesday that the city of Yumen had kept aside $161,200 for exigency vaccinations. 

The fleas of wild rodents like marmots spread this bacterial disease that leads to the plague. According to the World Health Organization, even though this deadly disease can be treated effectively, soon after the initial infection the patients die within 24 hours.

Such outbreaks in China have been quite uncommon in recent years and these have mostly been prevalent in the rural and remote areas in the west.

According to a state broadcaster of China, in the year 2009 the number of cases reported was 12 and the number of deaths reported in the Qinghai province was 3. 

The disease control centre of Beijing aimed at reducing anxiety with regard to the disease outbreak in China stating that the possibility of the disease spreading till the Chinese capital was quite remote.