Energy Efficient Windows Market Set to Expand: Smart Windows help in Lowering Energy Costs

Published Date : Jan 21, 2016

Large-scale commercialization and growing population have increased the consumption of energy. At present, building structures hold the majority of share of consumption of energy. Considering the limited sources of energy to fulfill the growing demand for energy, many countries have started focusing on exploring new ways to optimize energy consumption to achieve sustainability. The first step towards achieving sustainability is to make the buildings energy efficient. Energy efficiency helps reduce costs and increase the competitiveness and value of the buildings. 

Innovations in the energy efficient windows technology have helped the leading players maintain their dominance in the recent past. The introduction of smart windows has helped the families across the globe, especially in the U.S., save the cost of energy. The new designs of energy efficient windows and advancements in the technology have helped cut down energy cost, thus boosting the demand for energy efficient windows across the globe. 

Energy efficient windows are used across various industries as they help reduce the cooling and heating costs by up to 23% to 16% respectively. Considering the increasing government funding, advancements in technology, and increasing applications of energy efficient windows, the global energy efficient windows market is predicted to expand in the years to come. Growing commercialization is expected to contribute largely towards the growth of the global energy efficient windows market in the coming few years. 

The demand for energy efficient windows is expected to be the highest in North America due to significant growth in the construction projects. Double glazing windows and triple low e-glazing windows are the two types of energy efficient windows in demand in the global market. Most of the leading players in the global energy efficient windows market are focusing on manufacturing windows, which are made up of gas fills, spacers, low-emissivity coated glass, and improved frames. Growing awareness of saving energy is expected to further boost the global energy efficient windows market in the years to come.   

As energy efficient windows help save energy as well as cost, they are in more demand than ever before, thus expected to propel the global market for energy efficient windows in the next five years.