Increasing Demand for Natural Products to Propel Essential Oil Market

Published Date : Jan 21, 2016

Consumers of the present decade are more aware about the products they use or invest in than ever before. They are increasingly preferring natural products than their synthetic alternatives. This is truer in case of personal care and beauty products. With the advent of essential oil in the market, consumers from around the world are looking forward to invest on beauty products that are made from natural components. Furthermore, with the rising penetration of aromatherapy in urban societies, the demand for essential oil is poised to increase exponentially in the near future. 

Apart from successfully penetrating in the market for aromatherapy, the consumption of essential oils in the food and beverages industry has also increased substantially. The market for essential oil is thriving at present, however there are certain concerns, which needs to be addressed for the enterprises operating the global essential oil market to achieve hindrance-free growth. Discussed below are the key aspects influencing the global consumption essential oils at present: 

  • With rising consumer awareness about the benefits of natural products, the demand from the essential oil market, which is already estimated as a multi-billion dollar industry, will exponentially increase. 
  • High demand for orange oil is noted across food and beverages and aromatherapy markets alike. The environment-friendly characteristics of orange oil also led to its increasing use in perfumes and spa applications. 
  • The food and beverages industry is emerging as one of the most dominant application segments in the global essential oil market. The Asia Pacific food and beverage industry will exhibit lucrative prospects for the essential oil market. 
  • Among the key regional segments, Europe holds a dominant position. The demand for essential oils for applications in spa, beauty products, and food and beverages industry is giving impetus to the essential oil market in Europe. 

Despite witnessing impressive prospects, the global essential oils market will have to face tough challenges in the future. The stringent regulations inhibiting the indiscriminate use of plant matter to create essential oil will appear as a serious concern in front of the market players. They may replicate the properties of essential oils with synthetic components, however it will not be much time before consumers discover about the same. This again may hamper the growth of the global essential oil market in the forthcoming years.