Increased Shelf Life of Food Products Drives Global Canned Food Market on the Path of Success

Published Date : Jan 28, 2016

Canned food market consists of a variety of food items such as canned fish, vegetables, meat products, pulps, fruits, ready-to-eat meals, and desserts. In times when time is a luxury, canned foods have become the need of the day. This market is also being driven by the wide range of food items available to the consumers and the increased shelf-life of these products that makes them safe for consumption days after it has been bought. This property also allows the consumers to stock on the canned food items, which has indirectly created a good influence on the sale of these food items.

Changing Demographics Drives Global Canned Food Market: A report suggests that the canned food market has been proliferating largely due to the change in the consumer demographics. The younger population that has no time for cooking elaborate meals is driving the global canned food market. This market is also being driven by the working class that has less time to invest in food preparation.

Competitive Pricing Offers Lucrative Opportunity to Canned Food Market: The best brands in the global canned food market such as Bolton Group International, Del Monte, ConAgra Foods, and H.J. Heinz are luring in consumers with competitive pricing, certification of products, and a wide range that accommodates most of the tastes from around the world. The low-cost of the products and the private-labelled products are also propelling the growth of the global canned food market.

Innovations for Health-conscious Consumers to Shoot up Market Share for Canned Food Market: The global canned food market is also expected to grow at a remarkable pace as the manufacturers are trying to cater to the needs of the health-conscious people. Low calorie food items, baked food items, and other such food items that are low on preservatives are some of the ways in which manufacturers are trying to grab the attention of the new class of customers. 

Despite the strong market growth drivers, the global canned food market is being tugged from the opposite end due to the amount of preservatives these food items contain.