Study Reveals Food Preservative can Help Prevent Cancer

Published Date : Jan 29, 2016

The growing demand for convenience food and organic food products has propelled the demand for food preservatives across the globe. Food preservatives are used extensively to prolong the shelf life of food products by slowing down microbial growth on them. Disease outbreaks have stressed the need for food preservatives. However, stringent government regulations regarding the usage of food preservatives will restrain the growth of the global food preservatives market. Presence of various chemical compounds in food preservatives has raised concerns about their adverse side-effects on human body, thereby increasing the demand for natural food preservatives. This has created new growth opportunities for the overall market. Lately, it has been observed that the manufacturers are mixing different types of preservatives to reduce cost. This has further raised concerns about negative effects of preservatives.
Though it has been previously thought that food preservatives in general can harm human body, in a recent study, researchers have discovered that one natural occurring food preservative might be a potential cancer-fighting agent. A team of researchers from the University of Michigan has conducted a study by using lab rats as study subjects. With the use of Nisin, a naturally occurring food preservative commonly used in dairy products, the researchers studied the content to prove that it treats the cancer cells present in the rodent's bodies.

Published in a science journal Antimicrobial Chemotherapy, the study states that Nisin, which is a bacteriocin, acts like a terminator of other bacteria that can harm once the person eats a food. This particular bacterium is also responsible for turning milk into yogurt, cheese, and other dairy products. Due to its effective preservative for dairy products, meat manufacturers have added it to their food products as a healthier option than using artificial ones.