Impactful Marketing Campaigns Drive Growth of Global Skin Whitening Products Market

Published Date : Feb 01, 2016

From newspapers to billboards to magazines, as all of them howl about tips and tricks to get a radiant skin with fairer skin tones, consumers across the world are flocking stores for the best skin whitening products. With such stiff competition in the global skin whitening products market some of the top players such as Clarins SA, CavinKare Pvt Ltd, E.T. Browne Drug Company, Beiersdorf AG, Shiseido Company Limited, and The Procter & Gamble Company are striving, each day, to offer products that cater to each skin type and tone. The promise of lightening blemishes, making the skin radiant, changing the skin tone to fair, and nourishing the skin with what it is devoid of are some of the top reasons behind the super-success of the global skin whitening products market. 

Gender Equality Wins Bigger Market Share

The global skin whitening products market has achieved a commendable success as companies are now catering to men as well. Besides women, companies and marketeers are aiming at a huge pool of men who are conscious about personal grooming and are popularly being categorized as “metrosexuals”.

Social Implications Prove to be a Fair Ground for the Market

The marketing campaigns, especially in the Eastern regions, which revolve around the necessity to look fair are also driving the global skin whitening products market. Governed by social implications and cultural mindsets, skin whitening products are a huge hit in India where fair skin color is still a revered one. 

Though the market for skin lightening products is growing at a huge pace, it also faces certain restraints. The World Health Organisation (WHO) states that excessive use of skin bleaching products could lead to cancer of blood, liver, or kidney. These products also pose a risk of severe skin conditions, which could be irreparable. A dangerous fact reported about manufacturing companies is that they tend to use harmful toxins such as mercury, which blocks properties of melanin that result in pigmentation. These factors are expected to hamper the growth of skin whitening products market in the near future.