Baby Boomers and their Role in the Anti-Aging Market

Published Date : Feb 02, 2016

The generation of baby boomers is fast heading into a retirement phase and this massive group of demographics is determined to defy the process of aging. Millions of dollars are spent on wrinkle creams, face lifts, and workout regiments so that they can stay forever young. This is a mindset that cosmetic surgeons, beauty and personal care product manufacturers, and entrepreneurs have been capitalizing on. The target group of these businessmen comprises an estimated 70 million baby boomers. 

Beauty and the American State of Mind 

The group of baby boomers who were raised in postwar American prosperity is considered to be more prosperous compared to the generations that came before them. They have been the wealthiest as well as the most physically fit generation, thanks to supportive government subsidies for housing and education and rising disposable incomes. They were, however, also criticized for their excessive consumerism and their rejection of traditional values. This demographic group has adopted every trend and fashion and personal beauty has always been a mindset they focused greatly on.

Age-Defying Practices on the Rise 

Baby boomers are now already into their 60s and health problems as well as the downside of aging have hit most people within this age group. The impending retirement from daily work and business is also weighing heavy on this group of people. Nevertheless, this demographic has been approaching the future in new ways, in true baby boomer style. Since these individuals are bent on living life in their own communities and homes instead of assisted living facilities as is now the trend, the demand for anti-aging products and services is much greater. The demand of this group of people to hold on to their youth is anticipated to boost the revenue of the anti-aging market over the next few years.