Evolution in the Airport Experience, Rising Availability of Kiosk Check-ins to Boost Airport Kiosks Market

Published Date : Feb 03, 2016

The increasing demand for self-service amongst passengers is amongst the prime factors fuelling the development of the airport kiosks market globally. This is owing to the increasing passenger traffic, thus encouraging passengers at the airport to seek numerous self-service options such as check-in, self-boarding, bag recovery, flight-rebooking, and document scanning, among others. The increasing IT spending in favor of airports owing to the rising airport privatization is also augmenting the growth of the market for airport kiosks. 

The changes which will be experienced by the customers along with their positive impacts have been detailed as under:

  • Availability of Kiosk Check-Ins on Majority of the Airports: In the coming years, almost 98% of the airports will have kiosk check-ins. The Department of Transportation in the U.S just announced new rules that will ensure that the flyers having disabilities get an at par access to automate kiosks at airports.
  • Luggage Check-in by Flyers: In the coming three years, approximately 85% percent of the airports will be extending self-service to the customers having check-in bags. This comes out to be more than double of the 40% airports that presently have this service. 
  • Assisted Bag Drops for Flyers: In approximately 41% of the airports, the facility of assisted bag drops comprising the facility of taking bags from the flyers has been surveyed and approximately 90% of the airports are planning to provide the same facility by the end of 2016. Furthermore, this facility is poised to grow to 68% from a mere 13% in the coming three years.
  • Payments Done via Mobile Apps: A number of mobile apps present an additional source of income to airports. At present, just 18% of the mobile apps related to airports have been adding to the revenue, though a number of airports are planning to launch mobile payment options for parking and Wi-Fi services through mobile apps. Thus, the number is poised to rise to 63% at the start of 2017.

Thus, it has been predicted that airports all around the world will be spending about 5.43% of their revenues on investments in IT in the coming years, which is approximately $6 bn expended on the airport industry.