Wipro plans hiring from IITs and NITs

Published Date : Jul 28, 2014

In a bid to build a strong, well-educated workforce that will be capable to taking on leadership challenges in the coming future, Wipro plans to hire from NITs and IITs. These recruits are envisioned to herald the latest technologies such as automation, mobility, cloud, and analytics.

The recruitment drive, Star program, which hires about 100 engineers from NITs and IITs intends to raise this number. As these new recruits are hired at different salary slabs, each is given the liberty to chart their own career path with the basic training.

According to Saurabh Govil, Senior Vice President, HR Wipro, the company earlier hired employees in bulk with just about three years of experience. Despite being notches below the IITs and NITs, these engineers met the demand of an organization that operated with a pyramid model. In addition, to less number of able workforce was, the IITians and NITians preferred working with honchos like Texas Instruments, Google, Yahoo, and later Facebook.

However, recognizing the need to break free from the traditional IT model, Govil stated that the company plans to hire those with multiple skills since the nature of technology is ever changing. He further added that organizations which will be able to train and teach their employees newer and finer skills will have an edge over others. The drive to create an extremely skilled workforce will work alongside recruiting from top-end colleges in India.