Second automobile industry survey conducted by PakWheeels

Published Date : Jul 28, 2014

Muhammad Raza Saeed, CEO of stated, the company has conducted its second survey on 2014 to get an in-depth understanding of the automobile market in Pakistan.

PakWheels is conducting surveys for all facets of the industry, including mainstream and the others. It noted about 24% people bought cars with car financing options or through loans, whereas 65% bought cars with a full cash payment. Additionally, it also states that 32% bought brand new cars, while 55% bought second hand cars.

The products included in the study are radio channels, insurances, motor oils, and tracking companies. All of these products are closely associated with the automobile company. The study also incorporated routine practices seen in the automobile sector, requirements, and expectations, driving habits, and spending habits.

The first part of the survey asked the users to rate their current cars on the base of their experience. These ratings will further determine the awards to be presented to car companies. The second part of the survey includes perceptions about cars, irrespective of ownership.

The survey showed that Toyota to be the number one brand which was followed by Honda, and then Suzuki. About 40% of Pakistan’s internet population took part in this survey.