As Use of 3D Mapping and Modelling Techniques becomes Widespread, Global 3D Mapping and Modelling Market Expected to Gain Traction

Published Date : Feb 04, 2016

A number of 3D mapping and modeling technologies have become the standard for a variety of mapping and modelling applications across industries such as automobile, construction, healthcare, entertainment, and transportation. In the past few years, the 3D mapping and modelling market has seen a huge surge in demand owing to the rising adoption of 3D maps and models across several applications. With technological advancements at the helm of evolution of the global 3D mapping and modeling market, the shift from 2D modelling techniques to 3D ones has occurred at a very rapid pace in the past years. The shift has been so transformational that most mapping and modelling techniques these days are either 3-dimensional or on the verge of becoming so. 

The billion dollar global market for 3D mapping and modelling techniques is benefitting due to the several technological innovations and favorable developments seen in 3D mapping and modelling tools and component structures such as 3D scanners and 3D sensors, and the rapid development in the field of geographical positioning systems.

The most obvious shift from 2D to 3D mapping and modelling methods has been seen in the construction, automobiles, and healthcare industries. Skeletons of architectural projects or structural parts of automobiles are more effectively and efficiently plotted using 3D mapping and modelling techniques. The success rate of numerous surgeries has significantly increased due to the intervention of 3D mapping and modelling techniques in the healthcare field.

3D mapping and modelling also find huge demand in new applications such as smart phones, gaming consoles, and personal navigation devices. Smart phones with 3D modelling applications have seen high demand in the past few years. This has prompted technology giants such as Google to develop 3D maps to increase their customer base.

The market is also significantly driven by the rising demand for 3D maps in combat areas for public safety and defense purposes.  Similarly, 3D projection mapping finds applications in the retail and advertising industries for promotional activities. The market is further expected to earn usage in a large number of newer applications as the world becomes increasingly digital and the need for an effective intersection between the inherently 2D digital and the 3D real life becomes persistent.