Parent Company of Chinese Food Scandal-hit Company to Withdraw All Products from Chinese Market

Published Date : Jul 28, 2014

OSI Group LLC, the parent company of Shanghai Husi Food Co Ltd, the Chinese food supplier in news currently regarding a food safety issue, has said that it is withdrawing all products made by Shanghai Husi from the market. 

The food safety scandal that started in Shanghai Husi spread over to Japan and Hong Kong, over the allegations that the meat supplier mixed expiry-date passed meat with fresh meat and resold it. 

In a statement released late on Saturday, OSI group LLC stated that it has initiated work in the direction of withdrawing all meat products supplied by Shanghai Husi in the market. Also, internal investigations have been started in the current and the previous senior management. 

It also promised that swift and decisive actions would be seen in addition to legal measures against the ones found guilty in the scandal. A new management team is to be soon deployed in China.   

OSI group has also mentioned that it will completely cooperate with Chinese regulators. Police in Shanghai has detained five people from the company as a part of the ongoing investigations. 

Regulators in Shanghai have stated that Shanghai Husi forged the manufacturing dates of smoked beef patties and sold them long after they had passed the safety date.

The scandal dragged in international brnads such as McDonald’s Corp, Pizza Hut and KFC parent Yum Brands Inc. and Starbucks Corp. The scandal was busted when a news report from a local TV channel emerged about employees at Shanghai Husi repacking long expired meat.