Innovation is Key in Developing Rigid Packaging Solutions

Published Date : Feb 08, 2016

The economic growth in a number of developing nations has greatly impacted the growth of several industries, the packaging sector being one of them. The surge in transportation activities catering to a massive number of industries such as consumer goods, manufacturing, food and beverages, and others depend largely on strong and durable packaging solutions for maximum protection for the products and minimize damage while transportation. The type of packaging also depends on the type of commodity. Tough commodities such as steel auto parts have different requirements that need them to be protected from corrosion, water, oxygen, etc. Fragile commodities such as glassware and ceramics, on the other hand, need multi-layered packaging to protect them from cracking and breaking. Long distance transportation of commodities spur the demand for rigid packaging solutions in a number of applications. 

Expanding the Shelf Life of the Product with Innovative Solutions

Effective packaging solutions are required for the storage, trade, and distribution of different commodities. However, creating a brand identity and expanding the shelf life of various perishable products is also a key characteristic of packaging. In a recent major development, Brazil based agribusiness Agrindus was successful in extending the shelf life of fresh milk by developing an innovative and rigid packaging. Rigid plastic bottles with silver based nanoparticles were used to package milk. These nanoparticles possess several bactericidal, antimicrobial, and self-sterilizing properties. This unique packaging maintains the premium quality of pasteurization of whole milk for 15 days, increasing its previous shelf life of seven days. Being inert in nature, these silica coated silver based nanoparticles do not pose a threat of coming apart from the packaging and coming in contact with the fresh produce, in this case, the milk. So any toxicity concerns that consumers and food regulators may have are addressed with this innovative packaging.