Growing Number of Convenience Stores to Increase Brand Visibility for Leading Players in Global Breakfast Cereals Market

Published Date : Feb 09, 2016

The convenience stores across the globe offer a wide variety of products that consumers require on a day-today basis. Breakfast cereals are not an exception. Breakfast cereals have become an integral part of today’s hectic schedule. Most of the working population consume healthy breakfast for a healthy start of a hectic day. When it comes to breakfast food, breakfast cereals have become popular among the people from across the globe. 

Considering the growing demand for breakfast cereals, the manufacturers are taking constant efforts to introduce a wide variety of cereals. Availability of breakfast cereals, growing number of convenience stores, new tastes of the people, and changing breakfast preferences are predicted to drive the global breakfast cereals market in the coming few years. 

What could Restrict the Growth?

  • Availability of plenty of breakfast options could hamper the growth of the global market for breakfast cereals in the coming few years.
  • Sourcing of palm oil is expected to develop a big threat for the manufacturers of cereals in the near future.
  • Rising energy prices coupled with increasing prices of commodities will act as a major challenge for the global breakfast cereals market
  • Costly production of gluten-free products is predicted to increase the cost of production

Amongst all breakfast cereals available in the market, the ready-to-eat cereals and hot cereals are expected to be in more demand in the years to come. Even though hot cereals need some preparation time, they are able to attract a large pool of population across Asia Pacific, Europe, and North America. 

In busy lifestyles, where people seek quick breakfast options in rush hours, ready-to-eat cereals help them fulfill their needs.

The number of convenience stores, selling all types of breakfast cereals, has increased in the recent past. Convenience stores also help the brands to increase their visibility in the global breakfast cereals market. The new companies are expected to receive support from the leading players through mergers and acquisitions. The number of convenience stores is expected to increase across the developing countries, thus predicted to drive the global breakfast cereals market in the next few years.