Chemical Resistant Gloves by Ansell Industrial Healthcare provides sturdy Grip

Published Date : Jul 29, 2014

Oils and degreasers are common elements found in any industrial area used for the removal of lubricants and oils from different metal parts. It is a critical part of the manufacturing and processing operation in every field. To handle such chemicals and degreasing agents one needs to wear proper hand protection gloves so as to avoid any kind of toxic reactions and direct contact with skin. 

Ansell Industrial Healthcare has specifically designed a range of industrial gloves that offer efficient grip and excellent chemical resistance while managing oil and lubricants. Degreasers are materials often used in the removal of machine residues and lubricants from machine components that utilize chemicals to oil, grease, and clean dirty surfaces in industrial spaces. Typically, oil-based degreasers are extremely toxic and found to be dangerous chemicals in traditional degreasers and cleaners. However, the non-toxic degreasers are the materials used to remove the metals from harmful chemicals. Some of the common chemicals utilized in degreasers include glycol ethers, acetone, toluene, methyl ethyl ketone, and many other fluorinated and chlorinated solvents. 

David Nicholls, the marketing manager at Ansell explains that besides only avoiding high-exposure to toxic chemicals, a user is also susceptible to maintaining a strong and safe grip while wielding lubrication coatings and chemicals during an operation. He said that the AlphaTec 58-430/435 gloves have the ability to handle oily, as well as wet objects with excellent grip force. The gloves have an incorporated revolutionary Ansell Grip Technology that extends more control while at use. This technology ensures that the polymer coating does not pierce the liner through the gloves and leak onto the skin. The gloves are an excellent choice to use at industries encompassing a combination of chemicals. Ansell gloves offer dexterity and flexibility. 

Ansell Industrial Healthcare works as a training partner with the National Safety Council of Australia to ensure hand safety activities like chemical-based degreasers incorporated in corporate and government organizations.

To avail glove samples for evaluation, you can place a request by logging on to the Ansell website.