Health Concerns Associated with Sugary Drinks Adversely Impacting Sugary Beverages Market

Published Date : Feb 10, 2016

Studies conducted by institutions such as Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, reveal that obesity is a major health concern gripping the society today. Be it the middle aged people or even children- obesity has become a concern for all age groups. One of the reasons why obesity epidemic is on a rise, is the increased consumption of sugary beverages. Sugary beverages include soda, energy drinks, flavored milk, fruit juices, sweetened tea, sports drinks, and others. These drinks adversely affect a person’s health as opposed to the popular notion of sugary beverages compensating for the calorie intake from the daily meal. 

Sugary Beverages Cause Non-Alcoholic Liver Diseases:
Sugary beverages have fructose, which has been identified as the primary cause of obesity and other health issues. Fructose can be very taxing on the liver, much in the same way as alcoholic drinks. 

Sugary Beverages May Trigger Addiction:
On consuming sugary beverages, the refined and processed sugars can trigger the production of the brain’s natural opioids. Opioid is a key ingredient which triggers the addiction process. So after a while, the brain essentially becomes addicted to releasing its own opioids, similar to morphine. Sugary beverages and eatables can thus activate more neurons, than illicit drugs. This has emerged as a crucial factor, inhibiting the growth of the sugary beverages market. 

Sugary Beverages Linked to Rising Incidence of Diabetes and Obesity:
According to Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, sugary drink portion sizes have risen exponentially in the last couple of decades, and both children and adults are consuming soft drinks more than ever. While this definitely gave an impetus to their ongoing market operations, it also led to the rising incidence of obesity, and has increased the chances of type 2 diabetes. The risk seems to greater, especially for Asians and young adults. Moreover, these sweet beverages can also lead to heart diseases. It has been found that women consuming sweet beverages are more likely to suffer from gout than those who stay away from these drinks.

Growing awareness of consumers regarding the ill-effects of sugary beverages on health is a major challenge, which the enterprises operating in the market are looking forward to mitigate by launching healthier variants of their popular products.