TouchStars Growth and Achievements in Fleet Refueling and Fuel Distribution Industry

Published Date : Jul 30, 2014

TouchStar recently announced about its fuel distribution client base expansion in the United States. TouchStar is an international provider of mobility software solutions and logistics that is now driven by the addition of two new clients in the market.  The company is represented by a Californian regional fuel and lubricant distributor and a regional fuel distributor based in Mississippi. Both specialize in fleet refueling increasing with a total fleet of above 20,000 vehicles.

The fuel distribution software solution includes various processes like route planning, business intelligence reporting applications, mobility, and dynamic dispatching. Through this system, the fuel distributors increase deliveries per day and decrease the costs by cutting on the paper tickets and programing procedures for dispatchers, drivers, and back office staff.

TouchStar was chosen by both the new clients due to its profound experience in the Oil & Gas Industry.

The fuel distribution industry is constantly on the rise and can cause deep impacts on the business through potential capacity, said Shelby Ahmann, General Manager at TouchStar. The whole new system of managing delivery process via a handheld device allows the drivers to provide real time data access and do their job more efficiently through enterprise based applications.

The FuelWare mobility application by TouchStar’s connects multiple platforms such as, back office systems and drivers with dispatchers forming a whole new integrated monitoring, dynamic dispatching, and critical inventory level. It also connects automatic data capture cost-to-serve reporting.

The company is planning on growing within this industry as more and more distributors comprehend the benefits that workforce automation provides to TouchStar. Ahmann said integration of new technologies in FleetAtlas Framework gives various organizations the freedom to gain their desired business outcomes and investment benefits within 12 months.