ST Launches MEMS Microphone Test Facility in Taipei

Published Date : Jul 30, 2014

STMicroelectronics NV has announced the establishment of an anechoic chamber, which the company intends to use in developing MEMS microphone applications. The facility, located in Taipei, Taiwan, has been set up with a particular focus on improving audio performance across applications. STMicroelectronics has indicated its keenness on working towards achieving industry-leading audio performance across all system levels, from tablets, smartphones, televisions, notebook computers, remote controls to acoustic material and microphones.

The company said that it zeroed-in on Taiwan as the chosen location for its MEMS microphone lab because the country constitutes about 70% of the total global IC chip output. It also accounts for nearly 25% of the world’s IC design market.

Some of the largest electronic manufacturers and electronics service providers have a conspicuous presence in Taiwan, with all these factors contributing towards making Taiwan the second-largest IT products producer globally.

The fully-equipped laboratory features an Audio Precision APx525 audio analyzer, and is in compliance with ISO 3744/3745, which is the industrial standard for acoustic performance and environmental noise regulation. The facility also comprises an Intel set standard on voice recognition and speech.

According to a recent report by the IHS, global shipments of MEMS microphones saw a 37% increase. Where in 2012 this figure stood at 1.9 billion units, in 2013, it increased to 2.6 billion. Market projections indicate global shipments will reach 5.4 billion units by 2017.

According to ST analog’s general manager and executive vice president Benedetto Vigna, the company’s latest testing laboratory investment reiterates the company’s commitment toward supporting a burgeoning demand for MEMS microphone applications.