Global Sports Supplements Market to Gain Impetus from Rising Demand for Nutritious Meal Alternative

Published Date : Feb 15, 2016

With consumers around the world becoming more conscious about their health and fitness, the market for sports supplements is likely to gain momentum in response. An increasing number of athletes and sportsmen around the world desire to gain a well-toned and a fit body. Hence, they demand for healthier alternatives to daily meal that can fulfil their nutrition quotient, without having any side effects. This provides lucrative opportunities for enterprises operating in the global sports supplements market to capitalize on. With an increasing number of people embracing yoga, exercises, body building, and sports to leverage benefits from healthier lifestyle, the market for sports supplements is likely to witness robust growth in the forthcoming years. 

Advent in Online Marketplace to Boost Global Sports Supplement Market

The global market for sports supplements has exhibited impressive growth in the past few years. Leading enterprises are shifting their focus from niche segments such as gyms and health centers to more mass outlets, which has considerably aided the expansion of the sports supplement market. With their advent in the online marketplaces, enterprises operating in the sports supplements market are enjoying better sale of their products. Furthermore, sports supplements have also successfully made their way to the dedicated segments in supermarkets, convenience stores, and e-marketplaces due to growing health consciousness among consumers. 

The market also significantly capitalizes on the rising number of health centers and fitness clubs opening up around the world. Rapid urbanization is also fuelling demand from the market. Also, fitness trainers often suggest sports supplements for those who are contemplating to lose weight. This also gives a substantial boost to the market for sports supplements. 

Absence of Proper Regulatory Framework May Hamper Market

Despite witnessing a positive growth over the last few years, the market for sports supplements will be negatively impacted by the absence of proper regulatory framework. The sports supplements market also faces challenges from companies offering meal replacement and slimming products.     

Nevertheless, new developments and product innovation will fuel demand from the sports supplements market, which is likely to exhibit a single-digit CAGR in the near future.