UHT Milk or Organic Milk: Which is More Nutritional?

Published Date : Feb 15, 2016

The demand for UHT milk is due to its reported superiority over conventional methods of treating milk, thereby increasing the shelf life of the milk. UHT, better known as ultra heat treating, has been proved to be efficient in removing harmful germs and bacteria from milk. It is claimed that the ultra heat treated milk is as rich in nutrients as raw milk. All these factors have boosted the growth of the global UHT milk market. 

Consumer Perception to Decide Future Outlook of Global UHT Milk Market 

The global UHT milk market is highly fragmented with a number of small and medium players operating across the emerging nations. China and India are two of the largest milk markets across the globe and are highly unorganized. The milk production and delivery infrastructure in these countries works at rudimentary levels that rarely go beyond a certain area of distribution. However, this does not restrict consumers in these regions from buying a substantial quantity of milk on a daily basis. The market is also expected to be restrained by a common perception among consumers that UHT milk contains less nutrition than conventionally treated milk. 

Higher Nutritional Content of Organic Milk to Decrease Demand for UHT Milk

A new study published in the British Journal of Nutrition suggests that organic meat and milk could offer more health benefits than conventionally delivered products. While organic milk contains 40% more linoleic acid, along with higher concentrations of vitamin E, iron, and some of the carotenoids, organic meat has low concentrations of two saturated fats that have been associated with cardiovascular diseases. According to Professor Carlo Leifert who headed the study, consumers choose organic milk and meat due to the positive impacts of organic farming, the perceived health benefits, and improved animal welfare. A dietary shift to organic vegetables, fruits, meat, and dairy products is expected to provide higher amounts of antioxidants and omega-3 fatty acids.