Land Incinerators Get Support Amid Heavy Opposition

Published Date : Feb 22, 2016

Land incineration plants have long been considered an option for waste management. While recycling is possibly the best way to reduce waste while consuming a lower quantity of resources, there is the undeniable need of speeding up the rate of elimination of waste through faster means. For this, waste incineration plants have proven to be one of the fastest means of reducing landfills. In fact, a typical waste incineration plant can help cut down the volume of a landfill by almost 90%, while reducing the mass of the landfill by 80%.

Repurposing of Matter as Energy
The energy generated through the burning of the massive landfills across the world is effectively used in the generation of electricity, to make sure the waste elimination process is not completely devoid of value. Additionally, the ash that is generated from the burning of landfills is used by the manufacturing plants of cement. Due to these advantages, the global land incineration plants market is getting a high rate of attention from government organizations as well as power generation companies. At the same time, there are nations such as the U.K. and New Zealand, where the application of high landfill tax is creating a greater need for waste incineration plants.

Larger Plants are Being Preferred More
Most of the plants in the global land incineration plants market are currently classified in the large segment. This is proof of the amount of support that this market is receiving from influential places. At the same time, the global land incineration plants market is taking massive flak for being a contributor to the levels of air pollution. Public bodies and pro-environment organizations have heavily voiced their opinions against the use of waste incinerators due to the large amounts of air pollutants that they emit. Modern plants have, however, better modes of pollution control and can therefore provide a much lower rate of emission.

The competitive technologies to the global land incineration plants market, gasification and pyrolysis, are also on the rise. There are areas where there is a greater preference towards the latter technologies than waste incineration. As such, the market of waste management is becoming more and more divided into various methods.