Cooking Oil and Fats Market Receives Boost from Those with Busy Lifestyles

Published Date : Feb 22, 2016

Cooking oil the main ingredient for every food item. It not only imparts the very taste to the food item being prepared, but also turns the raw food items into cooked food items. Cooking oils are very important to a healthy diet and a well-functioning body. In recent years, the demand for cooking oils and fats has increased by leaps and bounds due to a high demand from countries such as Argentina, Indonesia, and India. The highest demand for cooking oils and fats has been from Argentina. 

Increasing Disposable Incomes Drives Global Cooking Oils and Fats Market
Some of the factors propelling the global cooking oils and fats market are rising disposable incomes of consumers and busy lifestyles, which are encouraging consumers to eat processed food items. Furthermore, the rising usage of high quality edible oils due to growing health consciousness is also fuelling the demand for global cooking oils and fats.  The types of oils available in this market are spreadable oils and fats, vegetable and seed oil, butter, margarine, olive oil, and cooking fats.

Negative Impact of Oil Consumption Retards Market Growth
However, the global cooking oils and fat market faces a huge threat of the healthcare sector and the health-conscious consumers who know the ill effects excessive consumption of fats and oils. Owing to this realization, the markets for food items such as French fries, pizzas, doughnuts, and others are being negatively impacted. It’s a known fact that these contain trans-fat which are hazardous to the human health as they raise LDL levels, leading to blockages in the heart. Excessive consumption of these fats also increases the risk of type 2 diabetes, cancer, and other chronic diseases and conditions.

However, efforts made by existing players and new players to improve the effects of cooking oil and fat on the human body are likely to open new avenues for growth for this market.