HPC Declares the 6th Annual China High-Performance Computing Workshop to be Held in China

Published Date : Aug 04, 2014

On November 5th, 2014, the 6th Annual China High-Performance Computing Workshop program will be held in Guangzhou, P. R. in China, at the Chime Long Hotel, announced the HPC Advisory Council today. The event is in juxtaposition with the HPC China 2014 Conference.

The council, based in Sunnyvale, California is best known for its outreach and education, as well as high-performance computing research activities. This educational workshop will focus on the advanced HPC subjects and HPC productivity and future of the industry on an international level. It is an effective program beckoning researchers, system managers, developers, industry affiliates, and computational scientists to come together on one single platform and discuss all the recent developments, technologies, and future advancements in the field of High-Performance Computing.

The workshop would also offer sponsorship and speaker opportunities to the public.   

The chairman of the HPC Advisory Council, Gilad Shainer expressed his gratitude to be given a chance to collaborate once again with the HPC China and organize the sixth high-performance outreach workshop and computing education as a part of China’s overall conference.
This workshop is recognized all over the world for its excellence in educational opportunity for HPC and those who are seeking opportunities in advanced high-performance solutions. It is an effective platform, especially for data center IT professionals.

For further details about the schedule and agenda of the HPC workshop, kindly refer to the workshop website. The website is free to access for China attendees and council members. In addition, registrations are compulsory and can be applied through the HPC China Conference website.

Several media coverage and sponsorship is also being facilitated by the China Network World, China Computerworld, Intersect360, and more.