Apple Might be already working on Unhackable iPhones

Published Date : Feb 25, 2016

While fighting an order to help hack the phone of a shooter involved in the terror attack in San Bernardino, technology giant Apple is reportedly working on an iPhone that would be impossible to hack. According to the reports and statements from company insiders and industry experts, Apple engineers are focussing on new security features that would make it difficult for the government to break into a locked iPhone with the help of methods that are being debated at the present court battle. A senior executive from the company has reportedly mentioned that Apple had already started working on security upgrade before the deadly San Bernardino terror attack.

Apple Unwilling to Provide Highly Specialized Software to FBI for Unlocking iPhone

As per the court’s order, the technology giant is being asked to override the security features of the iPhone used by one of the gunmen in the terror attack. Complying to the court’s order would force Apple to provide highly specialized software to FBI and bypass the self-destruct feature that erases the data in the phone after a number of unsuccessful attempts to unlock it. While the federal authorities have stated that they are asking for assistance to unlock the phone as it might contain further information regarding the terror attack, Apple has taken a stand that by doing so, other iPhones would be more susceptible to hack by both authorities and criminals in future.

While industry experts are positive that Apple would likely succeed in upgrading its security, its continued fight with authorities regarding security features on iPhone will lead the company to create a number of “backdoors” in its iOS software. CEO Tim Cook has defended the company’s stand in the current legal battle.