Global Market for Crude Oil Desalter and Electrostatic Dehydrator to Witness Rapid Growth in the Middle East and Africa

Published Date : Feb 29, 2016

A desalter refers to a process in an oil refinery industry, which helps in removes salts that are present in crude oil. The salt that is present in crude oil is actually dissolved in the water in the crude oil, and not actually in the crude oil. The desalting process is typically the first process that is done in the refining process of crude oil. The salt content after the desalter is generally measured in PTB.

Crude oil contains several salts including calcium, sodium, and magnesium chlorides. As a result, it is essential to get all these salts removed from crude oil so as to avoid it from several problems such as poisoning of catalysts in processing units, corrosion, plugging, abrasion, and fouling. Thus, a crude oil desalter is used widely and is one of the potential markets across the globe.

Crude oil desalter or an electrostatic dehydrator are considered as efficient ways to reduce the salts, moisture, and water content present in the crude oil. A desalter or an electrostatic dehydrator mostly comprises several components including electrodes, distribution system, process vessel, mud wash, transactors, and level control devices.

The tremendous availability of crude oil in the Middle East and Africa region, the market for crude oil desalter and electrostatic dehydrator holds the largest share in the overall market share. On the other hand, the Latin America Market for crude oil desalter and electrostatic dehydrator is also expected to witness a high growth rate in the next few years. In addition, The Asia Pacific market is also estimated a progressive growth rate and moderate growth in the market. 

Some of the major companies operating in the global market for crude oil desalter and electrostatic dehydrator are Mackenzie Hydrocarbons Pty Ltd., EN-FAB Inc., Forum Energy Technologies Inc., Agar Corporation Ltd., Petro Techna International Ltd., Fjords Processing AS, Frames Group, VME Process Inc., Croda International Plc., Custom Process Equipment LLC, PROSERNAT S.A., Komax Systems Inc., Cameron International Corporation, and GasTech Engineering Corporation. In the coming years, many more companies are expected to participate in the global market to gain the competitive advantage.