New Plant-based Protein Dressing Invented for Better Wound Care

Published Date : Aug 06, 2014

The current wound dressings are made out of human sources or animal sources. Human sources such as cadaver skin or neonatal foreskin and animal sources such as horses, pigs, or cows are used for wound dressing. The new wound healing dressing developed at Drexel University is however, made out of natural soy proteins.

This patented wound dressing called OmegaSkin was developed by a team of researchers with the help of funding provided by Drexel-Coulter Translational Research Partnership Program. The research was carried out at Drexel’s School of Biomedical Engineering, Science and Health Systems.

According to the interim director at the School of Biomedical Engineering of Drexel, the patented technology covers a highly original and unique invention which was made with partial financial aid of the Drexel- Coulter Translational Research Partnership Program which was funded by the Walter H. Coulter foundation. The director stated that this invention adds to the growing leadership of Drexel in the generation of crucial biomedical technologies.

During the month of May, the information published in Wound Medicine medical journal showed that pre-clinical based healing in wounds were treated with OmegaSkin better in comparison to the dressing made by an animal source.

Eqalix, a regenerative medicine organization has created OmegaSkin. This company plans on filing relevant product application with the FDA and other regulatory organizations to get an approval for marketing their product for the management of chronic and acute wounds.

According to Eqalix’s president and CEO, Thomas Seoh, OmegaSkin is a highly innovative approach to substitute animal and human sources for wound dressings with an easier to harvest and process technique at an lowered cost.