Prime Trends in Low-Calorie Food Market, Demand for Stevia on the Rise

Published Date : Mar 08, 2016

Consumers have become more aware on the impact of food on their bodies in the past few years. This is majorly responsible for shaping the dynamics of the market for low-calories food. In terms of product, the market for low-calorie food is segmented into sucralose, stevia, saccharin. cyclamate, and as aspartame. 

There are a number of trends shaping the market for low-calorie foods. Some of these trends are as follows: 

  • Market Lead by Aspartame: The segment of aspartame dominated the market for low-calorie food owing to its rising substitution with sugar on the basis of both taste and product preparation. On the other hand, owing to the increasing awareness on the ill-effects of aspartame, it has undergone a decline in the global market for low-calorie food. 
  • Rising Demand for Other Substitutes of Sugar: Owing to the increasing activities of research and development within the market, there have been a number of new product introductions and this has resulted in the proliferation of a number of products in the market. These products have also been gaining popularity owing to their increasing popularity amongst consumers. Some of these products are stevia and sucralose, among others.
  • Increasing Demand for Natural Sweeteners:  Though the segment of aspartame has witnessed substantial growth in the past few years, but with the increasing awareness amongst consumers, its popularity is decreasing. Owing to this, the demand for stevia is on the rise. Stevia is amongst the natural sweetener and imparts distinct benefits over other artificial sweeteners including aspartame. In addition, stevia also has a very low glycemic index in comparison with other sweeteners and only releases some or nil glucose in the bloodstream after its digestion. The growing inclination towards natural food products has increased immensely and this is why the segment of stevia is predicted to gain more popularity in the coming years.

Thus, the increasing research backing low-calories sweeteners is rising, thus propelling the overall market for low-calorie sweeteners. In addition, owing to increasing heath consciousness amongst people, they are opting for natural sweeteners instead of sugar. This is why the sugar substitutes including stevia, sucralose, and saccharin will rise owing to their advantage in helping reduce the body weight by decreasing the overall calorie intake.