Vegan Diet Might be Next Battle Ground for Food Companies

Published Date : Mar 08, 2016

With growing concerns for cruelty against animals and awareness created by animal rights organization such as People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), the demand for vegan food products is rising. A person who does not consume animal products in any form is referred as vegan. Vegetarian diet consumers are classified into lacto-ovo vegetarians, lacto vegetarians, and vegan vegetarians. Strict vegans eat plant products only and abstain from using animal products in form of fur or leather. In fact, veganism is considered as a lifestyle whereas vegetarianism is usually a diet. 

Limited Food Options for Vegans Drive Market Players to Expand in This Niche Segment 

The vegan diet is usually stricter than vegetarian diet. While meat, fish, dairy, eggs, poultry, and other animal-based products such as honey are completely avoided, any food or other inedible products derived from animals such as clothing, cosmetics, and medicines are also shunned.  For consumers following vegan diet, the food options are quite limited. Grains, vegetables, fruits, and nuts are the key ingredients in vegan diet. Tofu is sometimes used as a replacement for meat-based products. To address the needs of vegan consumers, the food industry is innovating new products.

Hampton Creek Focuses on Vegan Diet, Introduces 43 New Items 

Hampton Creek, the parent company of Just Mayo, is expanding their business and focussing hard on vegan diet. The company is already discussing the prospects of launching vegan food items through two retail giants in the U.S.: Walmart and Target. The start-up food company has recently announced the launch of 43 new vegan food items including baking mixes, muffins, salad dressings, pancakes, and brownies. It has strategically tied up with Walmart as the retail giant has stores across most of the cities and towns in the U.S. It would be interesting to see that how the products are received at the consumer’s end to define the upcoming competition in the vegan food products market.