Is Technology in Education Sector Really Helpful for Students?

Published Date : Mar 08, 2016

Governments across the developed countries have been increasing investments in the education sector owing to its effectiveness in reducing inequality and thereby making a country prosperous. Further, education encourages imagination, creativity, and knowledge among students, which helps them to gain better opportunities and help in becoming better members in the society. Thus, incorporating technology in education can provide better understanding of concepts to students. A smart classroom utilizes interactive modules such as video, audio, and presentations in order to provide visually attractive conceptual knowledge. 

Bill Gates Feel Technology Has not Served Its Purpose in Classrooms

Nowadays, students are being taught about technology right from their early days. Small children handling laptops and iPads make an increasingly common sight across modern-day classrooms. It is assumed that technology will enhance the cognitive abilities of children and assist teachers as well. However, billionaire philanthropist Bill Gates has a different view. Recently, in an “Ask Me Anything” Q&A session on Reddit, he offered some fresh thoughts on the future of schooling. On being asked that how the school system should change in the coming years, he stressed that the technological aids have benefitted the most motivated students, not the ones who need extra attention.

While teachers state that they welcome the introduction of technology in school, the digital techniques and gadgets have not really boosted the learning capabilities of students. Online learning is yet to show promises and many schools are accepting this fact. As a result, iPads are being abandoned across some of the classrooms. Gates further stated that technology needs to keep the children engaged. If a student feels that the study material is not relevant enough, technology would fail its purpose. While technology is starting to improve education, it is not personalized enough to let the teachers figure out on improvisation.