3D Video Technology to Revolutionize Future of Sports

Published Date : Mar 09, 2016

3D technology has come a long way from the days since Wheatstone introduced stereoscope to view static images and pictures. Now 3D video technology is being used to enjoy television shows, 3D films, and video games. In the coming days, 3D technology is going to be an integral part of the sports arena. Recognizing this fact, Intel has made a move to acquire Israel-based Replay Technologies. The acquisition deal points towards Intel’s future business expansion prospects as Replay Technologies has expertise in 3D video technology. The company had developed a 3D video technology that is being used by U.S. professional sports broadcasters. Though Intel is yet to disclose the amount shelled out for the deal, Israeli media has revealed that the acquisition was worth US$175 million. In the recent National Basketball Association All-Star Weekend, Replay’s Technology was used that provided the fans with a 360 degree view of the contest.

Intel Acquires Israel’s Replay Technologies

Intel had been working with Replay’s technology during the contest. The company had created a 3D video rendering of the court with the help of 28 ultra high-definition cameras installed around the arena and connected to Intel-based servers. The technology was also used during the National Football League’s Super Bowl. In a statement, Intel has mentioned that it has been working with Replay Technology since 2013. Technology is playing a pivotal role in sports nowadays. Earlier, Intel has optimized Replay’s immersive and interactive video content on its platforms. Replay was started in 2011 and the company raised US$13.5 mn in its funding round last month. The funding was led by Deutsche Telekom Capital Partners. Replay has raised a total of US$27 mn through fundraising. It is interesting to note that a stake in the company is held by Mark Cuban who is the owner of the NBA’s Dallas Mavericks.