Increasing prevalence of Breast Cancer Boosts Demand for its Therapeutics Significantly

Published Date : Mar 11, 2016

The global breast cancer therapeutics market has witnessed a steady rise in its market valuation in recent times. The increasing prevalence of breast cancer across the world has fueled the demand for breast cancer drugs and treatment, propelling the worldwide breast cancer therapeutics market.

Asia Pacific to Report Fastest Growth in Global Breast Cancer Therapeutics Market
North America led the worldwide market for breast cancer therapeutics in 2014. The favorable scenario for insurance and reimbursements in this region has driven the North America breast cancer therapeutics market significantly over the last few years.

Apart from this, the high prevalence of breast cancer in North America, together with the presence of major pharmaceutical enterprises in the U.S., has also stimulated the breast cancer therapeutics market in this region. However, analysts expect the Asia Pacific breast cancer therapeutics market to register the fastest growth among all the regional markets for breast cancer therapeutics.

The increasing incidence of breast cancer, coupled with the rising awareness pertaining to the breast cancer therapeutics, is the expected key factor behind the growth of the Asia Pacific market for breast cancer.

HER2 Inhibitors to Maintain Lead Among Drug Classes of Breast Cancer Therapeutics
In 2014, the demand for HER2 inhibitors for the treatment of breast cancer was the highest in the world, owing to the accuracy and efficiency of this drug class. The segment is projected to maintain its position over the next few years. Here is a snapshot of the performance of other breast cancer drug classes.

  • Herceptin, Kadcyla, and Perjeta are most demanded HER2 inhibitors for the treatment of breast cancer in the global arena.
  • Aromatase inhibitors drug class is expected to report a significant rise in its demand in the coming years, owing to the recently introduced molecule, Ibrance, which is likely to acquire the status of the highest demanded drug for breast cancer treatment in the near future.

AstraZeneca, Teva Pharmaceuticals, GlaxoSmithKline, Pfizer, Sanofi, Novartis, Roche, and Eli Lilly are some of the key organization functioning in the breast cancer therapeutics market in the global arena.