Virtual Reality About to Start Setting the Pace in Gaming Industry

Published Date : Mar 11, 2016

It has already been established that virtual reality is here to keep us company for a long time. As virtual reality technology keep getting better and better, its proliferation into multiple aspects of social, commercial, and business processes. Virtual reality is hyped as the perfect vision-based artificial environment that is built using complex 3D rendering software and virtual reality eyewear and other devices. A user may not be able to differentiate between a perfectly designed virtual environment and the real world, as long as coding for the virtual realm is executed flawlessly. While that is still going to take some time to trickle down into consumer hands, we currently have the ability to watch movies and play games using head mounted displays. Virtual reality gaming systems may also offer connected gloves which can track the motions of a user’s hands and replicate them in the virtual world. The software can then use these hand actions and translate them into corresponding actions in the game.

Facebook Oculus Now a 360 Degree Viewer
In the latest news from the virtual reality gaming market, Facebook has announced that Oculus, the virtual reality head mounted device, is now soon go live with movies and games that can be enjoyed with a 360 degrees angle. The reports are arriving amid speculations that the Oculus was supposed to give users an increasingly immersive experience soon. At the same time, Facebook has also announced that users will now be able to create their own profiles. The profile will allow users to personalize their experience with the Oculus. The current lineup of games introduced on to the Oculus VR are Social Herobound and Trivia, although currently still relegated to the concept part of its store. The connectivity feature allows users to compete with, or partner with, other users from around the world. At the same time, users can even watch Vimeo and Twitch streams sitting next to people they know.

Facebook will also open up reviews sections for the Oculus VR releases for users to rate their experience with a game or a movie and let other users know about it