Higher life Expectancy Observed through Administering Metformin

Published Date : Aug 08, 2014

According to findings, Metformin, a drug which is prescribed for patients with type 2 diabetes ensures higher life expectancy for diabetics as compared to non diabetics. This drug exhibits anticancer properties and can provide preventive benefits to those without diabetes. 

Metformin and a drug named Sulphonylurea, also used for controlling diabetes were compared. A comparison of effects was made between the people who took these drugs and non diabetics. It was observed that the patients taking Metformin had greater life expectancy than non diabetics but the patients who were taking Sulphonylurea had comparatively lower chances of survival as compared to non diabetics. 

It was inferred from the findings and observations that Metformin can be beneficial not only for diabetics but also for people without diabetes. Most importantly, it is beneficial for those with type 1 diabetes. Metformin not only possesses anti cancer properties but also has anti cardiovascular disease properties. It can also reduce the chances of diabetic prone people to get diabetes. 

However, this does not reduce the intensity of diabetes in those with type 2 diabetes. Such people will eventually have to take to more intense treatment as the disease progresses. The life expectancy of diabetics comes down by eight years. Diabetes cannot be treated, it can only be controlled through diet control and exercise.

At the very initial stages of diabetes, the blood glucose levels can be controlled through exercise but eventually diabetics need to take drugs for controlling it. 

According to the guidelines given by the European Association for the Study of Diabetes and the American Diabetes Association, Metformin is the very first therapy prescribed for type 2 diabetics. This drug is also recommended by the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE).