Technologically Advanced Products and Flourishing Construction Industry to Drive Global Demand for Ventilation Fans

Published Date : Mar 15, 2016

Ventilators form an essential component of any construction project. Thus the global market for ventilation fans is directly impacted by the overall development of the global construction market. Over the past few years, the blooming growth of the construction industry, especially in developing regions of Asia Pacific owing to the commencement of several infrastructure development and building construction projects, has significantly benefitted the global market for ventilation fans as well.

The recovering construction sector in developed regions, cooperative regulatory scenario pertaining to ventilation, technological advancements in the field of ventilation fans, and the improving awareness regarding indoor air quality are some of the major factors driving the global ventilation fans market as well.

Traditionally, the major factors why ventilation fans were installed in living spaces included ensuing health and comfort by preventing stale air from building up and avoiding the entry of outside pollutants such as pollen, mold, or dust.

Nowadays, there has been a sudden rise in the focus laid on ventilation fans. Several reasons are behind this increased focus on these devices. One of the major ones of these is the architecture of homes these days. Homes are more airtight these days as compared to the past, which lays high importance on the need for maintaining the quality of indoor air. Poor air circulation in these homes essentially means that fresh air cannot reach places where it is required the most, like bedrooms. Ventilators only in bathrooms do not help when doors are closed.

Exhaust-only ventilators are also not very desirable as they cause pressure imbalance inside homes
Technological advancements in the field of ventilation fans, such as the inclusion of heat recovery ventilation units, have also led to an increased adoption and popularity of these devices in the construction sector. Additional features in many new advanced ventilation systems can also remove humidity from air in regions where high humidity in the air is a concern.

These factors are collectively expected to contribute significantly to the overall popularity of ventilation fans and drive the global ventilation fans market in the near future