Animal Feed Additives Market for Ruminants to Grow due to Rising Health Concerns for Ruminants

Published Date : Mar 15, 2016

Feed additives are supplements of food which are high on their nutrient content. Feed additives are given to animals or ruminants due to a lack of essential vitamins, minerals, amino acids and fatty acids in their regular diet provided by farmers. The growing health concern regarding the ruminants has led to an increase in the utilization of feed additives for ruminants.

Of late, various kinds of diseases such as avian flu, mouth and foot diseases, and many others, are gripping the ruminants. Thus, an increasing number of farmers are giving animal feed additives to ensure the animals stay healthy and stay away from such diseases. 

The Global Animal Feed Additives Market to Grow owing to Increased Demand for Meat and Dairy Products

An increasing number of people are concerned about the quality of milk and other milk products they consume. Animal feed additives are thus used to enhance and sustain good health of the animals or ruminants such as cattle, goat, sheep, buffalo, and camel. These animals are a source of dairy and dairy products and thus to ensure improved quality of dairy, it is essential to make use of feed additives on these ruminants. This drives the market for global feed additives for ruminants. The market is also driven by the growing consumption of milk all over the world.

Reduced Medical Costs on Ruminants Drives the Global Animal Feed Additives Market

Feed additives are coated using coating technologies such as nano coated vitamins and minerals, butyric acid, 1-monogylcerides, acidifier, and sweetener These coating concepts are used to coat the animal feed additives, making them even more beneficial for the ruminants. The coated feed additives ensure that the additives do not get degraded by microorganisms in the rumen, thereby maintaining the quality of the meat and milk. Moreover, these coatings on feed additives have led to a reduction in the cost of medications spent on the animals, further boosting the global market for animal feed additives.