Tightening Regulatory Scenario Pertaining to Road Safety Measures to Lead to Increased Demand for Automotive Cockpit Electronics

Published Date : Mar 17, 2016

The global automotive cockpit electronics market has enjoyed substantial popularity in the past few years and is expected to see growth at a healthy pace in the years to come as well. The rising popularity of these devices demonstrates that fact that consumers are now increasingly favoring safe driving and technologically sound driving experiences.

From instrument clusters to navigation systems and infotainment systems to safety related updates from time-to-time, automotive cockpit electronics are currently the most popular providers of smart solutions for the modern day vehicles.

Modern day automotive users are also connected to their digital computing devices such as smartphones and tablets on a continuous basis and are seeking ways to get smarter tools that can furnish details regarding vehicle efficiency, distances covered, and fuel consumed at their fingertips. The segment of navigation and infotainment is especially seeing huge rise in popularity and is expected to report significant growth in the near future, especially in the area of systems for rear-seat entertainment.

The encouraging growth of the global market for automotive cockpit electronics can be credited to a mix of several factors, including:

The rising number of road accidents and the promise of automotive cockpit electronic systems in reducing these numbers. Millions of people die every year owing to road accidents across the globe. This puts the factor of road safety and the role played by automotive cockpit electronics in ensuring it in the spotlight. It is thus quite obvious that automation is the most trusted solution to the problem as it offers the driver a safer and much better driving experience on the road.

Strict regulatory measures pertaining to road safety are being put in place by several government bodies as the issue of road traffic becomes more and more difficult and is leading to an increased number of crashes and injuries. These increasingly tightening road safety-related regulations are expected to be a major driver for the global automotive cockpit electronics market in the coming years.

The rising disposable incomes of people in developing economies and strengthening finances in these regions are making consumers more easily shell out more money for improved driving experiences.