Wireless Charging Boom Takes Over as Users Pour in for Latest Innovation in this Market

Published Date : Mar 18, 2016

The global wireless charging market is showing one of the most promising growth rates in the industry of consumer electronics and semiconductors. Companies are flooding in from all corners of the world and the electronics industry to try and catch a piece of this currently-expanding pie. Wireless charging, although not the same concept as what Nikola Tesla envisioned decades ago, involves shifting the potentials between the poles of a battery to change the flow of electrons. This charges the battery and gets it ready for another round of use. Current standards in wireless charging are a lot slower than the rates that corded charging can offer. Wireless charging cannot yet match up to the speeds of Qualcomm’s QuickCharge 2.0 or similar technologies, and in some cases even heats up the mobile devices more than usual. At the same time, the utility that wireless charging can provide is simply worth the hassle for some.

Advantages of Wireless Charging
Users of wireless charging do not need to fiddle with the cords associated with conventional charging. Simply placing their mobile device on the given platform will do. At the same time, taking the phone off the platform will disconnect the charger, leaving the user free to use the device as they wish. While this is a small trade-off for users of smartphones in the common sense, it can make a big difference in places where time is of utmost importance. For instance, on the factory floor where a worker is using wirelessly charged power tools, time is extremely difficult to manage, but is still highly important to conserve. The worker can simply pick up a power tool off its charging port and begin using it, without having to worry about the current charge available on the tool. To take it one step farther, the tools can come with smartphone apps that allow a factory manage to observe the usage and power levels of each instrument, allowing them to replace the instrument if necessary.