Rising Demand for Vitamin E Supplements to Benefit Global Cresols Market

Published Date : Mar 18, 2016

Cresols are aromatic hydrocarbons that find usage in the production of a variety of chemicals. Some of the major end use industries utilizing cresols are antioxidants, polymer resins, fragrances, vitamin E, rubbers, pharmaceuticals, solvents, dyes, and plasticizers. The flourishing growth exhibited by many of these industries in the past few years have led to a steady rise in demand for the global cresols market.

One of the most lucrative end-use segments for the global cresols market is the production of vitamin E. The rising demand for vitamin E in the past few years, owing to the rising awareness about its several benefits on human health and the heightening popularity of vitamin E supplements as a convenient and highly effective mode of consuming vitamin E, have significantly benefitted the global cresols market. It is said that vitamin E plays an important role as an antioxidant in the body and has is also crucial in matters of gene expression, lipid health, and neurological health.

Uses of vitamin E in maintaining and improving lipid health of the human body is particularly significant in current times as cardiovascular diseases have emerged as a major health concern for the entire globe. Vitamin E help in preventing the oxidation of lipids, and reserving them in the body in forms that are beneficial. As the production of vitamin E becomes one of the major end-use segments of the global cresols market, the rising demand for vitamin E supplements will be directly influential for the growth of the global cresols market.

However, the global cresols market still earns a dominant share of revenues from its use as a chemical intermediate. Over 60% of the total cresols produced on the global front are utilized as chemical intermediates. As the chemical industry is exhibiting huge growth across the globe and with the demand for vitamin E supplements also on a rise, the demand for cresols to be used as chemical intermediates is expected to grow at a healthy rate across the globe in the next few years