Association for Manufacturing Technology Observes Higher Industry Orders in June 2014

Published Date : Aug 12, 2014

In June 2014, the total orders for manufacturing technology were valued at US$405.73 million, says the Association for Manufacturing Technology (AMT). This figure was reported by participating companies in the United States Manufacturing Technology Orders (USMTO) program. The June total marks a 12.6% spike over May. However, as compared to the same period last year when the orders totaled US$414.26 million, the 2014 orders are down 2.1%.

These figures are derived from actual data as provided by participants at the USMTO program. According to AMT President Douglas K. Woods, the rise in June 2014 orders is attributable to the close of the current quarter, and the sustained strength in major customer industries, especially the energy, medical, aerospace, and automotive sector. He said, however, that there has been a rise in the number of average manufacturing technology orders. This suggests that manufacturers are investing not just in better productivity, but are also scaling up capacity. He forecasted continued moderate growth in the technology manufacturing sector through the remainder of 2014, as well as the early parts of 2015.

The USMTO report is compiled by AMT, and it represents distribution and production in the manufacturing technology sector. It also provides national and regional data on orders of both American and imported machines, related equipment, and tools. These orders are regarded as a reliable indicator as nearly every player in the manufacturing industry invests in manufacturing technology to boost productivity and capacity. The report by the ATM provides data on the various regions of the United States. The ATM is an association that represents American companies in the manufacturing technology industry.