Will Google be Able to Beat Its Rivals in Cloud? Industry 2016 Market Research Report

Published Date : Mar 23, 2016

Google seems to be lost in the cloud business amid tough competition from Amazon and Microsoft. Last year, the company hired Diane Greene, the co-founder of VMware to run its cloud business. It clearly indicates the tech giant’s efforts to revive its position in the cloud market where competition is getting stiffer. Amazon and Microsoft dominate the overall cloud market and boast of an impressive clientele as businesses across the globe are focussing on cloud infrastructure to offload their storage and computing needs. IBM ranks at third position in the market, followed by Google.

Google Wins Some Business from Apple and Home Depot

At the upcoming Google Cloud Platform user conference to be held in San Francisco, Greene will be making her first major appearance since taking the reins of Google’s cloud business. It is interesting to note that Netflix will be one of the participants at the conference. Netflix happens to be one of the loyal customers of Amazon Web Services (AWS). Lately, Google has reportedly won some business from Apple, another big customer of AWS. Also, Google has won some of Home Depot’s cloud business. According to analysts, these wins have led Google to catch up with Amazon and Microsoft.  

In terms of revenue, Google actually stands at fourth position in the cloud infrastructure services market. AWS, Microsoft, and IBM are currently the top three players in the market. Though Google does not boast of enterprise support in the market unlike its rivals, it has an asset in form of a popular suite of cloud business apps such as spreadsheets, calendars, word-processing documents, and Gmail. It is high time for Google to penetrate further into the market as a large number of companies are shifting their applications from their in house data centres to cloud in order to achieve higher speed, efficiency, and access to employees’ devices.