How Cloud Platform is Influencing Videoconferencing Market

Published Date : Mar 29, 2016

Videoconferencing is undoubtedly one of the most-relied-upon ways of communication for the global businesses of present day. As offices and work teams are located in more distant premises and as practices such as work from home have become highly prevalent, videoconferencing features have become an essential part of modes of communication commonly adopted in business settings.

Recent advances in the videoconferencing technology are leveraging the potentials of this mode of communication and are making the field even more appealing and economic than before. One of the said technological advancements that are leveraging capabilities, adding more appeal, and making videoconferencing more cost-effective is the integration of cloud computing in videoconferencing. Cloud computing has brought about a huge difference in the overall dynamics of the global videoconferencing market in the past few years.

Integration of cloud computing has enabled easy streaming of HD videos and has made it possible for mobile devices to easily become a part of videoconferences in business settings. Also, the end user is being provided these services at attractive prices and is also being able to save the substantial investment that is otherwise required to set-up conventional videoconferencing systems.

Cloud videoconferencing services also allow consumers to choose from a vast array of services such as virtual room or can choose only the ones that are really necessary. The flexibility in picking only what is necessary offers the user the practical solution of paying only for the services that are being actually used, instead for a whole set of relatively unused facilities.

As the business world is rapidly expanding, the number of opportunities for the global videoconferencing market have substantially increased. All major methods of deployment of videoconferencing services, including on-premise, managed, and cloud, are experiencing huge rise in demand.

Companies that are ready to leverage their level of modernization and digitization in their enterprises will continue to lead an increased demand for videoconferencing services. It is thus needless to say that the videoconferencing market will see huge growth in the coming years and will be ruled by the cloud technology.