Medical Device Protective Coatings Market Cashes In On Increasing Concerns about Device Failures

Published Date : Mar 30, 2016

The field of medical devices forms a crucial segment of the global healthcare industry. Several kinds of medical devices, in forms such as instruments, equipment, apparatus, or implants are extensively used for the treatment, prevention, or diagnosis of a medical condition. Almost every field of medicine, including orthodontic, cardiovascular, general surgery, gynecological, orthopedic, and neurology makes use of a variety of medical devices.

However, owing to factors such as the several risks associated with the failure of medical devices and the complications arising from the failure of medical devices are limiting the expansion of the global market for medical devices.

There are several reasons why medical devices fail to perform the function they are intended to perform, including:

  • Thrombosis, which is caused owing to stress induced upon blood when it is flowing near the medical device
  • Defective surgeries owing to improper location of devices or their improper sterilization
  • Infections around places where the medical devices are located owing to several surface characteristics or chemical composition of the elements of medical devices
  • Chance of mechanical failure and corrosion in implants made from metals and metal alloys, used primarily for cardiac and orthodontic applications

It is thus highly essential that proper care is taken to reduce any possibility of an infection from the medical device to the host. The use of protective coatings for medical devices is one such precautionary measure that not only wards off the potential threat of the medical device on the host body but also increases the serviceability of the medical devices. Protective coatings on medical devices protect them against a large number of response issues, and are thus a very critical part of any medical devices that we may come across.

With the flourishing healthcare industry across the globe and an increased demand for modernization of healthcare infrastructure in developing parts of the globe are significantly propelling the market for medical devices, and the market for medical device coatings subsequently.

As the consumer becomes more aware about the long-term benefits of a relatively costlier medical device but with more reliable and efficient coatings, the market for medical device coatings will see growth at an even increased pace in the coming years.