Rising Demand for Energy Efficient Architectural Lights to Bolster Demand from Global Architectural LED Product Market

Published Date : Apr 06, 2016

Architectural LED lights are used for illuminating buildings, architectural structures, bridges, and museums for artistic integration of light source. These lightings mainly serve the purpose of beautifying an architectural structure. Driven by the rising demand for energy-efficient lighting solutions in residential and commercial sectors alike, the market for architecture LED products has reported robust growth over the last few years. The enterprises operating in the market are also capitalizing on the growing awareness among consumers about the benefits of deploying energy-efficient lighting solutions. 

Favorable Government Regulations to Support Global Architectural LED Product Market’s Growth

Governments across several countries such as China, Brazil, the U.S., and Thailand have already implemented stringent regulations mandating the LED products manufacturers to comply with certain minimum standard of quality and efficiency in lighting products. Besides, the use of incandescent lights is also banned in many of these countries with an aim to reduce carbon emissions. Favorable government policies have been crucial in fuelling demand from the market for architectural LED products market. 

Market to Gain Impetus from Demand for Energy-efficient Lighting Solutions

The demand for energy efficient architectural lighting coincides with the rapid urbanization of cities. Innovation aimed at achieving energy efficient lighting solutions will also boost the market significantly. With people around the world increasingly demanding for sustainable lighting design, the market for architectural LED products is anticipated gain significant impetus in the near future. Sustainable lighting offers economic as well as environmental benefits to end users. Additionally, focusing on sustainability is also considered essential to reduce energy consumption and improve the overall quality of living. This has been identified as a primary factor triggering transition from conventional electrical lighting to electrical technology. 

Wall Washing to Emerge as Dominant Application Segment

Among the various applications of architectural LED products, wall washing has emerged as the dominant segment. The application segment is anticipated to expand at a rapid pace in the forthcoming years as the demand for lighting products to be installed for illuminating large surfaces such as contemporary architecture, cultural buildings, and museums increase. The demand from the wall washing segment is anticipated to remain high also in the near future, followed by the demand for cove lighting segment.