Wearable Devices for Tracking Parkinsons : Intel Corp

Published Date : Aug 14, 2014

For monitoring patients suffering from Parkinson’s disease, Intel Corp plans to incorporate wearable devices like smart watches for collecting data that is of use to researchers.

Early this week, Intel Corp declared that it is collaborating with Michael J. Fox Foundation to carry out research study of this neurodegenerative brain disorder. Parkinson’s disease has today become a very common disease affecting millions across the globe. 

The very first step is to determine the viability of using such a device for monitoring and data collection purposes for further research. And the next step would involve the assessment of the patients’ response to the medication.

Clinical trials till date have been way too subjective when the symptoms were not reported accurately by the patients to the doctors and these wearable devices aim at addressing such a problem by giving providing accurate results of the symptoms for better treatment. 

According to a senior official of a research foundation expressed the benefit of using such devices for doctors and research groups to have access to a wider group of patients for clinical trials. Wearable devices are effective mechanisms to track patients irrespective of where they are, be it home or work. 

With Intel moving beyond the scope of PCs only, it aims at capturing a significant share in wearable devices market of the healthcare sector. Intel’s primary rationale today as regards the healthcare sector is to come up with a system to extract data from real-time devices, besides data mining for improved research and understanding the progression and behaviors related to the Parkinson’s disease.