Increased Demand for Phosphate Fertilizers Globally Projected to Drive Global Sulfuric Acid Market

Published Date : Apr 07, 2016

The global market for sulfuric acid is associated in one way or the other with every manufacturing industry across the globe as sulfuric acid has plays some part in the production of nearly all manufactured goods on a global front.

Among the major applications of sulfuric acid, the most prominent ones include the use of the chemical in the production of fertilizers, the production of several industrially viable chemicals such as hydrochloric acid and nitric acid, the production of sulfate salts, dyes and pigments, drugs, synthetic detergents, and explosives.

Sulfuric acid is also profoundly used in petroleum refining to wash out impurities, gasoline, and many other refinery products. The acid also finds uses across several metal processing operations such as the cleaning of iron and steel before further processing. Sulfuric acid also enjoys significant demand owing to its use as an electrolyte in the highly popular and commercialized lead acid batteries that are used as back-up power for several applications and powering vehicles.

As sulfuric acid is one of the most important chemicals for the industrial sector, more of it is manufactured on a global front every year.

China is currently the largest producer of chemicals in the world, and boasts manufacturing facilities for the production of over 45,000 different chemicals. This thriving chemical industry of the country has provided a major boost to the global market for sulfuric acid in the past few years. The healthy rate of industrialization in the country has also proven to be a major driving force for the global sulfuric acid market.

However, a major share of the overall sulfuric acid consumed in the country, an estimated 70% is used for the production of phosphate fertilizers. The remainder is utilized by sectors such as dyes and pigments, manganese, and rare earth metals.

On a global front as well, rising demand for sulfuric acid from the phosphate fertilizers industry has given a significant boost to the global sulfuric acid market. As the mounting global population continues to lead to an increased demand for crop production, the demand for phosphate fertilizers has seen an upward growth trajectory in the past few years, a factor that has directly boosted sales of sulfuric acid in the global market as well.