Insecurity in Traveling to Unexplored Locations to Hamper Growth of Global Ecotourism Market

Published Date : Apr 11, 2016

Ecotourism refers to a form of tourism that involves visiting of pristine, fragile, and most undisturbed natural locations. The sole purpose of ecotourism is to educate the traveler, to benefit the economic development, and to foster respect for different cultures. Ecotourism is all about uniting conservation and communities. Ecotourism is considered as a small-scale alternative to the mass scale tourism. The global market for ecotourism is estimated to grow substantially owing to the growing awareness regarding global warming across the globe. 

In recent years, the global market for ecotourism has been gaining traction and is projected to grow considering the concerns related to reviving of nature. In addition, ecotourism attracts several travels owing to the fresh environment it offers. The hectic working schedule and busy lifestyle have urged several travelers to visit such locations and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere that can also help in rejuvenation. 

On the other hand, ecotourism is a niche market, owing to which it requires a substantial amount of expenditure if compared with the mass tourism which is expected to hamper the growth of the market in the next few years. In addition, ecotourism comprises visiting several unexplored locations, which may be insecure and so many travelers go for the traditional tours in this kind of circumstances. This is also one of the major factors which is anticipated to curb the growth of the global ecotourism market in the coming years.

Among the major geographical regions, North America is considered a saturated market as maximum of these places are by now popular with the mass tourism industry. On the other hand, Europe is expected to witness rapid growth in the global market for ecotourism in the coming years, owing to the growing awareness regarding the unexplored beauties in this region. Asia Pacific is also projected to register a significant growth in the next few years.

Several players are participating in the developing global ecotourism market, owing to which the competition is expected to become stiff in the next few years. Some of the prominent players operating in the global market for ecotourism are Small World Journeys, Good Travel Company, Natural Discovery, Responsible Travel, National Geographic Expedition, and Baobab Travel.