Global Geosynthetics Market to be Driven by Rising Demand from Environment Conservation Activities

Published Date : Apr 12, 2016

Geosynthetics refer to the man-made or synthetic polymers that are used for stabilizing terrain by enhancing its functional properties. Geosynthetics are used for solving a number of civil engineering issues and are commonly used in geotechnical activities such as soil erosion control, sediment control, and a number of construction activities. In construction, geosynthetics are most commonly used in cases where construction is being done in areas that are excessively contaminated, have extreme pH counts, underwater locations, or areas with extremely soft soils.

Geosynthetics are increasingly being sought as a viable alternative to steel and concrete. In the mining sector as well, geosynthetics are used as cost effective solutions to some of the most daunting geographical conditions in mines. The use of geosynthetics in the mining sector also helps in increasing productivity of mines. Key mining applications such as drainage, filtration, sealing, protection, reinforcement, erosion control, and impoundments utilize some or other variety of geosynthetics these days.

Over the past few years, the use of geosynthetics liners and covers have helped the mining sector in improving the finances by making many processes more feasible and safe. It is owing to the use of geosynthetics that several complex projects in the mining sector have become possible, that too without having adverse effects on the environment.

The use of geosynthetics in many construction projects have made the final construction long lasting, low maintenance, complete in substantially less timeframe than with conventional reinforcing materials, and all these at lower costs.

The robustness and exceptional strength of geosynthetics also make them useful for a number of environment conservation activities. One of the major areas of environment conservation that benefits from the use of geosynthetics is that of soil erosion. Increasing infrastructure development activities across the globe, rapid rate of deforestation, and drastic changes in earth’s ecology in the past few years are making the issue of soil erosion very drastic.

The rising focus on this issue and the proven benefits of geosynthetics in reducing soil erosion are leading to an increased demand for a variety of geosynthetics on a global front. This factor is expected to open new growth opportunities for the global geosynthetics market in the near future.