Starbucks in Japan Starts Serving Alcoholic Beverages

Published Date : Apr 13, 2016

Alcoholic beverages refer to beverages containing certain amount of alcohol. In the past couple of years, alcoholic beverages have gained huge popularity among consumers. Rise in disposable income across the emerging economies has contributed significantly towards the growth of the global alcoholic beverage market. In the coming years, the market is anticipated to witness moderate growth owing to strengthened distribution channels adopted by market players including online stores. However, increase in price of raw materials, availability of non-alcoholic beverages as substitutes, and the intense competition among key market players are expected to hinder the growth of the market in the near future.

Wine Fragginos to be served with Cheese and Fruit Tarts

In Tokyo’s Marunouchi district, Starbucks Evenings service has started serving alcoholic beverages since March 30. Last month, Starbucks Coffee Japan Ltd. announced that the beverage, blueberry wine blended with ice, will be called “Wine Fragginos”. Starbucks is expecting that this will attract more “post-work-hour customers”. The coffee chain already sells alcohol around 250 of its stores across the globe. However, the Marunouchi store will be the first Starbucks store in Asia serving alcoholic beverages. The menu served at the store consists of 10 different kinds of alcoholic beverages and seven kinds of food items. While white and red wines are charged at 918 yen (US$8.15) per glass, sparkling wines are charged at 972 yen. The snacks available with wine are fruit tarts and cheese.  

The sale of alcoholic beverages through coffee chains is expected to further boost the global alcoholic beverages market. There are already a few cafes in Japan that serve usual caffeinated drinks, apart from wine and beer. To make its brand distinct, Starbucks Evenings serves cocktails as well. Apart from the cheese and pastry snacks, the expanded food menu has options such as ratatouille.