McDonald’s Removes Healthier McWraps from Its Menu

Published Date : Apr 18, 2016

After witnessing reduced sales for a few years, McDonald’s is going back to the menu that led to the success of the brand. This week, the fast food chain announced about its decision to scrape off Premium McWraps from its menu worldwide. The tortilla wraps served with fillings such as veggies and grilled chicken were targeted at health-conscious customers. Company spokeswoman Lisa McComb has mentioned that though a few selected stores would still serve chicken ranch snack wrap, a majority of over 14,000 stores of McDonald’s across the U.S. would stop offering large- and snack-sized versions of Premium McWraps. 

McWraps were introduced to Compete against Subway 

The McWraps, introduced in 2013, were healthy in terms of calories as they contained more green vegetables and leaner meats compared to an average McDonald’s snack. Industry analysts had pointed out that it was the company’s initiative to compete against Subway that has gained popularity due to its healthier food options. However, the wraps had not been profitable for the fast food chain as usually the customers who eat out are not bothered with health and wellness. 

A McDonald’s franchise owner in Missouri has planned out a 6,500 square foot store that might be the largest store in the region. The new restaurant would serve customized desserts, burgers, and all-you-can-eat fries. Though it has not been announced yet that how much the ‘never-ending fries’ option would cost but it is expected to be popular among the late night customers. McDonald’s all-day breakfast containing options such as pancakes and muffins has been a success with surging sales across stores across the U.S. CEO Steve Easterbrook is focussing on simplifying store menus and hence, complicated food items such as buffalo ranch McChicken sandwiches and grilled onion cheddar burgers have been scraped off the menu.